Palatine, IL – Congress has gone to recess to give Representatives a chance to return to their districts and hear from their constituents about the challenges they are facing that they want Congress to tackle.

Only one problem: Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi is nowhere to be found.

Instead of returning to the district to hear the concerns of his constituents like raging inflation, gas prices forcing families to make difficult choices, and rising crime, Rep. Krishnamoorthi chose to accompany Speaker Pelosi to the other side of the globe.

8th Congressional District Candidate Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“Families are struggling to deal with the impacts of Washington policies on their daily lives. Budgets are tight, seniors have to make choices between food and medication, families are crunching numbers to make ends meet. This recess time is critical for a Representative to hear directly from their constituents, and instead, my opponent is cozying up to Nancy Pelosi for personal political gain. It’s past time he come back to the district and hear directly from the people what they are going through on a day to day basis.”