Schaumburg, IL – Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi sent a letter to the House of Representatives last week saying because of the ongoing public health emergency, he would be unable to vote in person for a $700 billion tax and spend bill on Friday.

That didn’t stop him from making the MSNBC circuit over the weekend, including an interview with Ari Melber shortly after votes were cast on the House floor for Washington Democrat’s inflation driving bill.

Krishnamoorthi is derelict in his duties as Representative of the 8th District.  He, by way of a Colorado congressman, voted to unleash 87,000 new IRS agents on hard working Americans, and he has the audacity to shirk his duty as he’s burying his constituents in more taxes.

Rep. Krishnamoorthi owes an explanation to the 8th district: why couldn’t you make it to Washington to vote?