Schaumburg, IL – Raja Krishnamoorthi is doing what politicians do best while he’s back home in Washington this week – passing the buck and blaming anyone but himself for his own failures.

Raja voted for every penny of Joe Biden’s reckless spending proposals that has driven inflation to 40 year highs. His actions are directly responsible for the pain Illinois families are feeling at the pump, at the grocery store, and with every purchase they make.

You would think he would try to take action to remedy the problem. Nope.

Instead, he’s holding hearings targeting businesses, avoiding his own culpability in the prices you’re paying across the board.

Illinois needs solutions, not political blame games. Raja is proving he’s just another say anything, do nothing Washington politician.

Chris Dargis released the following statement:
“There is one primary cause of the inflation all of our families are experiencing: trillions in reckless spending from Washington Democrats like Raja Krishnamoorthi. Raja supported every single penny of spending Joe Biden has put forward, and he will do anything to pass the blame to people other than himself. Raja, stop targeting business and start taking responsibility for your part in the prices you’ve subjected Illinois families to.”