Mar. 24, 2022
For Immediate Release
Contact: Travis Akin

Palatine, IL – Retired Naval Officer Chris Dargis is running for Congress in the 8th District to fight for the working men, women, and families of Illinois, and because our current Congressman is advocating for extreme policies that benefit political insiders at the expense of working families and area voters.

“Inflation is hurting families in the 8th District and all across our nation,” Dargis said. “It is not just the price of gasoline. It is food prices. It is school supplies. It is coats, jackets, and shoes for your kids. Inflation is hurting everyone, but it is particularly damaging to the poor, to single mothers, to the elderly living on fixed incomes, and to people struggling to get by every day. As your voice in Congress, I will put families first, not the political insiders who insulate themselves from the terrible policies they create.”

Chris is a successful businessman, retired Navy officer, husband of 27 years, and father of 3 children. He was born on the south side of Chicago and grew up in Schaumburg. He received a Navy ROTC scholarship to attend the University of California – Los Angeles and served as a Surface Warfare Officer and Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Navy. After 6 years of active duty, he transitioned to the U.S. Naval Reserve as a Naval Intelligence Officer, serving 14 more years before retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Following his active-duty Naval service, Chris embarked on a successful private sector career in digital technology and ecommerce.

“My military and private sector experience make me the most qualified candidate in this race,” Dargis said. “As a Veteran with 20 years of service to my country, I understand the challenges facing our troops serving at home and abroad. As a husband, father, and business executive, I know first-hand the challenges facing families in today’s economy. And as the son of Ukranian immigrants and husband of an immigrant, I know that the values that unite us as Americans are stronger than the extreme policies that aim to divide us. Like the residents of the 8th District, I deal with these challenges on a daily basis. There is no question I will be the advocate
8th District families need in Congress.”

Dargis is running to:

  • Lower gas prices
  • Reduce inflation
  • Protect our communities from violent crime
  • Create more jobs and opportunities for all Americans
  • Stop wasteful spending
  • Protect our borders
  • Defend our nation and our citizens

“We need to become energy independent,” Dargis said. “We are putting the financial future of our families at risk when we make our country dependent on foreign energy sources. Lowering gas prices, reducing inflation, and making our communities safer will lead to more jobs, more economic growth, and a better quality of life for all Americans. Congressman
Raja Krishnamoorthi’s policies are hurting the people of the 8th District. It is time to put the interests of working people ahead of political insiders.”

Chris Dargis is running as a Republican in the 8th Congressional District. The Primary Election is June 28, 2022. For information on Chris Dargis, visit: