June 23, 2022
For Immediate Release
Contact: Travis Akin
(618) 303-1108

Palatine, IL – Chris Dargis, candidate for Congress in the 8th District, is issuing the following statement on Joe Biden’s plan to suspend the federal gas tax for three months.

“Based on average fill ups, Joe Biden’s plan would only save families about $33 for the duration of the gas tax suspension. For many, that is not even a half a tank of gas.

This is not relief. This is a pathetic attempt to buy some good will with the American people, but the people are smarter than this. They know a scam when they see one. They also understand that the increase in the price of gas is happening by design. Joe Biden along with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi through their policies have created this crisis. Joe Biden promised to end fossil fuel. What is happening here is nothing more than a fulfillment of his campaign promises and sadly Congressman Krishnamoorthi is standing on the sidelines letting it happen.

Gas prices are high because the Biden Administration has abdicated America’s energy independence. I am all for harnessing alternative forms of energy and I support putting more electric cars on the road. But we are not ready to make the switch. Joe Biden and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi are putting powerful political insiders and their interests ahead of the needs of working families. It is time for new leaders in Washington D.C. I will stand up to the insiders and I fight for the middle class. My campaign is all about giving a voice to the men and women suffering because of the failed policies of Joe Biden and his allies such as Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi.”

Chris Dargis is running as a Republican in the 8th Congressional District. The Primary Election is June 28, 2022. For information on Chris Dargis, visit: https://www.votedargis.com/.