Incumbent Krishnamoorthi and Biden Stay Silent

May 8, 2022
For Immediate Release

Schaumburg, IL…Republican congressional candidate Chris Dargis today said the attempts to intimidate Supreme Court justices and Catholics this past weekend over the recently leaked draft opinion on the Dobbs case were an attack on our democratic system of government and the free exercise of religion.

“This past Sunday saw mobs chanting outside of the homes of sitting Supreme Court justices on Mother’s Day in an orchestrated and unlawful campaign of intimidation. At the same time we saw churches vandalized and church doors blocked by left-wing extremists as families went to worship services,” said Dargis, who is running for the Republican nomination in Illinois’ 8th congressional district to challenge incumbent Raja Krishnamoorthi.

“Even more troubling is that neither Congressman Krishnamoorthi nor President Biden refused to condemn or discourage these un-American and illegal acts, even after these extremists published the home addresses of six sitting Supreme Court justices. Their silence in the face of these planned attacks shows they value their political objectives far more than our fundamental American rights and democratic institutions,” added Dargis.

Dargis said regardless of how one feels about abortion, we should all be troubled by the events of this past weekend and the silence of Democrats.

“For 50 years the political question of abortion has been removed from the people. Returning this difficult issue back to debate and discussion among the people in the states and their elected officials, as the leaked draft Dobbs decision would do, should recommit us to the American principles of peaceful resolution of political disputes,” Dargis said. “It is time for Congressman Krishnamoorthi and President Biden to realize that these principles are worth defending.”

Chris Dargis is a Ukrainian-American and retired Naval Officer running as a Republican in the 8th Congressional District. The Primary Election is June 28, 2022. For information on Chris Dargis, visit: