April 8, 2022
For Immediate Release
Contact: Travis Akin

Palatine, IL – Chris Dargis, a Navy veteran and Ukrainian-American candidate for Congress in the 8th District, is issuing the following statement on President Joe Biden’s announcement that the US is sanctioning members of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s family members.

“President Biden has bungled the war in Ukraine from the start with his lack of leadership and indecisive action. The current Congressman for the 8th District, Raja Krishnamoorthi, was no better, providing little support to Ukraine prior to the invasion when hundreds of thousands of Russian troops were massed on Ukraine’s border. Today instead of decisive action we see a parade of ineffective sanctions, including the laughable decision to sanction Putin’s daughters.

This Congress and Administration need to act now to provide the additional arms that Ukraine needs to win, such as anti-missile and anti-air defense systems as well as the transfer of needed fighter jets from Poland. Now is the time for decisive action and support as Ukraine continues to fight while Russia regroups and rearms.

We also need to expand our cap on Ukrainian refugees fleeing genuine terror and war crimes. After initially blocking Ukrainian refugees while allowing millions of other undocumented immigrants to illegally pour across our Southern border, we now have a cap of 100,000 applied to Ukrainian refugees. This is embarrassingly small compared to the numbers taken on by our NATO allies such as Poland and Hungary, and speaks to the misplaced priorities of Biden and Krishnamoorthi.

We need better leadership in Washington D.C. The Biden/Krishnamoorthi approach to Ukraine is not working, and the American people deserve better.”

Chris Dargis is a Ukrainian-American and retired Naval Officer running as a Republican in the 8th Congressional District. The Primary Election is June 28, 2022. For information on Chris Dargis, visit: https://www.votedargis.com/.