Americans deserve energy solutions not empty words and promises
By Chris Dargis
Candidate for Congress 8th District

The latest example of climate change hysteria is the decision by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to create the Office of Environmental Justice within the Justice Department. The goal of this newly formed bureaucracy is to “prioritize the cases that will have the greatest impact on the communities most overburdened by environmental harm.”

It is at its core a solution in search of a problem. A recent poll from Monmouth University found that the economy topped the list of issues important to voters in 2022. Environmental justice was nowhere to be found on the list.

The hard truth people in Washington D.C. refuse to face is the fact that Americans don’t want more government bureaucracies – they want real solutions to the problems they face. Skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, the open border, and access to reliable and affordable energy are the real-world concerns facing working families.

President Joe Biden along with his allies like Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi ignore the very people they purport to represent. Of course, everyone wants clean water and air, but they also want to know the lights will turn on when they flip the switch, and they don’t want to have to dip into their savings just to heat and cool their homes or drive to work or the store.

Instead of focusing on environmental justice, we should be working on finding solutions to the energy challenges facing our country. Short-sighted policies such as the closing of critical pipelines and the Administration’s relentless attacks on the energy sector, there is a strong possibility that Illinois residents could face rolling blackouts this summer. This is dangerous and life-threatening to our families and seniors. This is a real problem, and it requires real solutions.

One such real world solution is nuclear energy. Instead of shutting down nuclear power plants, we should be making nuclear power the cornerstone of our efforts to reduce our reliance on carbon-based energy and pave the way to a clean, energy independent future.
As a nuclear engineer, I know full well the ability of nuclear energy to provide safe, reliable, zero-emission, efficient energy generation. It is the best solution to meeting current energy needs while we transition to renewable energy sources.

We need to reduce regulations that hike electricity bills for American families while simultaneously making it difficult to construct new, technologically advanced nuclear power plants. We need infrastructure legislation that, instead of lining the pockets of special interests, improves the resilience of our electrical grid, builds high-voltage transmission lines, and invests in new battery and electrical storage technology.

Alternative energy such as wind and solar can be part of the mix, but we are a long way from reaching a point where we can completely abandon traditional sources of power. We need electricity to power our hospitals, heat and cool our homes and power our economy. It is time for our leaders to step up and put the needs of the American people ahead of their woke ideology.

I absolutely support efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment, but recently President Biden insisted that inflation and higher gas prices are a good thing because it forces us to “transition” to new forms of energy. But when families can’t afford their electric bill or struggle to fill their gas tank or are faced with rolling blackouts and food shortages, the last thing on their minds is “environmental justice.”

People are hurting, but our government leaders are creating bureaucracies to address made up problems. The radical environmental and energy policies of the Biden administration damage our economy, hurt our national security, and cost American jobs. The American people need real, workable energy solutions and they need it now.