Schaumburg, IL – With less than 2 months until Election Day, Raja Krishnamoorthi’s actions are louder than his words. Instead of taking action to address rising inflation making it harder for families to put food on the table, Krishnamoorthi backed Biden’s $1.3 trillion in new spending proposals over the last month alone.

Chris Dargis, Republican candidate in the 8th district, has called for a series of debates with Congressman Krishnamoorthi who has yet to respond. Will Krishnamoorthi participate in formal, televised debates? Or will he continue hiding from his constituents?

Chris Dargis released the following statement:
“The people of the 8th district deserve to hear from both candidates in this race to make the choice for themselves. We are ready to hold Raja Krishnamoorthi accountable for his blind party loyalty, continued support for President Biden’s tax and spend agenda, and absentee representation. The only way voters can make a choice for themselves is televised, formal debates. We’re not holding our breath for Congressman Krishnamoorthi to accept.”