Schaumburg, IL – During today’s Daily Herald editorial board meeting, Chris Dargis showed exactly why the 8th Congressional District needs new leadership in Congress: Raja Krishnamoorthi is another say one thing, do another Washington DC politician.

Over an hour of debate, Chris clearly and concisely responded to questioners, while Krishnamoorthi decried political rhetoric, then changed topics to hurl accusations at Dargis, over and over again.

So much so, that when one interviewer asked to interrupt his rant, Krishnamoorthi angrily yelled “no you may not.”

Chris Dargis released the following statement following today’s meeting:
“I’d like to thank Congressman Krishnamoorthi for proving my point that he is just more of the same DC politician we’ve seen for too long. Raja refuses to accept that the policies that have come out of this Congress have hurt Illinois families, hurling blame and accusations instead of addressing the root of the issue. I wish him a safe journey back home to Washington DC this week to be with who he really represents: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the party caucus in Congress.”