Schaumburg, IL – This month alone, the Biden Administration and their allies like Raja Krishnamoorthi have supported $1.3 trillion in new spending.

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi called in Biden’s loan forgiveness tax-and-spend a “good idea” last night on Fox 32. So Congressman, what exactly is a good idea? More spending to drive inflation even higher, per Obama economist Larry Summers? Asking the more than two thirds of those who did not attend a four year college or those who have already paid of their student loan debt to subsidize the less than one third of people with debt?

Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“I for one would like to know why Congressman Krishnamoorthi believes taking from the working class to subsidize student loan debt for the less than 1/3 of Americans who chose a 4 year university is a ‘good idea.’ Millions of Americans who took an alternate path to college, as well as those who have already paid off their loans, are now being punished for those choices. Instead, our tax dollars are paying for people making up to four times the median household income in Illinois. So let’s hear it Congressman, why is this latest tax scheme a good idea?”