Illinois’s 8th District Republican Candidate Chris Dargis this morning applauds Harper College in Palatine for honoring Schaumburg’s Bernie Bluestein this weekend. Bluestein is a World War II veteran who played a role in the famous Ghost Army – a unit of American soldiers intent on misleading German defenses by creating what appeared to be an army of 30,000 men but was in reality a misinformation campaign so American forces could cross the Rhine River uncontested.

Republican Candidate Chris Dargis had this to say about this weekend’s event honoring a local hero: 
The efforts of the Ghost Army saved countless American lives as our soldiers continued the fight against tyranny in Europe. Bernie is a true American hero and I am proud to share my hometown with him. His service and that of the entire 23rd Headquarters Special Troops saved tens of thousands of American lives. As a fellow veteran, I offer a salute to Schaumburg’s Bernie Bluestein and congratulate him on his well deserved recognition this weekend.