Schaumburg, IL – A new report sheds light on the plans for Democrats if they maintain the majority in the House of Representatives this November: more tax hikes.

After Raja Krishnamoorthi voted (by way of Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse) for Joe Biden’s broken promises bill that hiked taxes on families making less than $200,000 and hired 87,000 new IRS agents, Washington Democrats know that Krishnamoorthi will continue to be a rubber stamp for whatever additional tax hikes they want. Why should they think otherwise? He’s voted with Joe Biden 100% of the time.

Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“Washington Democrats know Raja Krishnamoorthi is another rubber stamp for their tax and spend agenda. Joe Biden and his allies like Krishnamoorthi signed off on $1.3 Trillion in new spending in just the last month amidst 40 year inflation highs making it hard for families to put food on the table. The politicians in Washington continue playing their games, and you pay the bill. We need problem solvers, not more blind party loyalty like we’ve seen from Raja.”