Palatine, IL – Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’s 8th District, Chris Dargis, wrote an oped published yesterday explaining why Washington needs problems solvers. Chris is an outsider, a career problem solver first as a Naval officer, then as a successful businessman, tackling problems head on and getting the job done.

Check out Chris’s OpEd here and check out some excerpts below:

It seems like every day we face another crisis: sky-high gas prices, baby formula shortages, rising crime, groceries at a staggering cost. It doesn’t seem to end. We all feel the anxiety, fear, and constant sense our country is on the wrong track, but the politicians in charge? They just don’t care. They’re focused on partisan bickering in Washington, not helping the families struggling to get by here in Illinois.

…That’s why I’m running for Congress. I know what it means to serve our country, as I did for 20 years as a Surface Warfare Officer and Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve. I know how to solve problems and bring people together, as I’ve done throughout my successful private-sector business career. I’m not a career politician, but I know we need someone in Washington willing to fight for the people of Illinois.

…I’m an outsider, a problem solver who will go to Washington to give you a voice as we work our way out of the mess these politicians got us in. My grandfather was a steelworker, my mother was a nurse, and they fled a war-torn Ukraine to find a better life here in America. I was proud to serve our country and defend the American promise of fairness and opportunity. I’m ready to serve again, to work tirelessly to make the American Dream accessible to so many who are currently being left behind by Washington politicians who care more about their extreme ideology than the people they are supposed to serve.