Schaumburg, IL – Chicagoland Democrats have skipped work 183 times during this Congress, including Raja Krishnamoorthi who has claimed he was unable to travel to Washington for votes 19 times “due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

Krishnamoorthi has skipped votes on bills like the Inflation Reduction Act – hiking your taxes, hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to get every penny of those tax increases, and giving away billions in taxpayer dollars to special interests.

Krishnamoorthi has not told his constituents where he was during those days, and as we saw with Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan, “the ongoing public health emergency” sometimes means fundraising trips to California.

8th District Republican Candidate Chris Dargis sent a letter to Congressman Krishnamoorthi yesterday calling on him to come clean about where he has been when he’s been skipping votes.

See the attached letter here and see below for the full text:

Representative Krishnamoorthi,

I’m writing to inquire about a disturbing trend in your voting record. As my campaign noted last week, Chicagoland Democrats have skipped a startling 183 votes this Congress, including 19 that you personally claimed you were unable to travel due to the “ongoing public health emergency.”

All the while, you were clearly able to make time for interviews with cable news networks. As an elected representative, your constituents are owed an explanation as to where you were and why you were unable to fulfill your responsibilities by simply doing your job and casting votes on their behalf. As we saw last week when Tim Ryan traveled to California to fundraise while using the excuse that you have, your constituents deserve that transparency.

I am calling on you to release where you were and what you were doing for the 19 votes you claimed you were unable to travel to Washington for. Votes including takes hikes on families, the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents to get every penny of those hiked taxes, and special interest giveaways for Democrat allies.

You were elected to serve the people, and you are skipping out on your duties. It’s past time to come clean to your constituents.