Schaumburg, IL – Chris Dargis joined the John Howell Show last week and called attention to the hyper-partisan rhetoric that Raja Krishnamoorthi has adopted in his campaign, interrupting and attacking Dargis for viewpoints he later himself promoted on Fox News.

Chris knows that engaging in these partisan attacks only exacerbates the challenges we face in this country and said so to Howell’s listeners.

Check out the interview here and see below for a transcripted excerpt calling out Krishnamoorthi’s attacks.

Chris Dargis on the John Howell Show: 
“When I knock on doors in the district, I hear it quite often as a concern from voters and I experienced it myself.  I had a debate with Raja Krishnamoorthi last month with the Daily Herald and I thought we were there to talk about solutions for the district and instead it was one partisan attack after another. It really drove home the point for me that when you’re engaging in those partisan attacks, you’re not focused on solutions, you’re not focusing on what needs to be done and how to help people. Ultimately, John, that’s the approach I’m going to bring to Washington. I’m going to be part of the solution, because when you focus on objectives, when you focus on putting people over politics, it’s easier to come together. I’m going to be able to work with Democrats or independents or Republicans or really anybody because I’ll be focusing on how do we help the people of the district, how do we address inflation, how do we address crime, how do we address gas prices.”