Schaumburg, IL – Chris Dargis, Republican Candidate in Illinois’s 8th Congressional District, joined the Shaun Thompson Show yesterday to hold Raja Krishnamoorthi accountable for his absentee representation of the people of the 8th Congressional District.

Krishnamoorthi has skipped work 19 times this Congress, claiming he was unable to be in Washington because of the pandemic, but Democrats in Washington have been taking advantage of this practice to campaign.

So where has Raja Krishnamoorthi been?

Dargis said this on the Shaun Thompson Show:
“I do hear from Democrats and independents when I’m knocking on doors, they are wondering why we have an absentee congressman who just simply doesn’t care. He shows up, you know, 6 weeks before the election all of a sudden…and when I tell them he’s been there 6 years they’re stunned, because they’ve never seen this guy. They’ve never seen him because they don’t watch MSNBC, I guess, because that’s where he spends a lot of his time. Ultimately, the Democrats in Washington don’t care and that message is resonating.”