Schaumburg, IL – Voters in the 8th Congressional District will face a simple question as voting approaches: do they want more of the same political games and partisan bickering or do they want a proven leader who has shown he can bring people from all walks of life together.

If they want more politicians, then Raja Krishnamoorthi is their man.

But if they want to change who we send to Washington DC, Chris Dargis has proven through a career of service that he will bring change to our politics.

You only have to watch Raja repeat Washington DC talking points and Chris talk about real solutions to see the difference.

Chris Dargis released the following statement:
“This election comes down to a simple question: do we want politicians in Washington or proven leaders? I’ve shown throughout my career in the Navy and in business that I can bring people together toward a common goal. Raja Krishnamoorthi? All he’s proven is that he can campaign on taxpayer dime, vote 100% with Joe Biden, and jetset around the glob with Nancy Pelosi instead of addressing the challenges we’re facing here. The choice is clear. If you like crime, high inflation, and political games, vote for Raja. If you’re sick of Washington DC politicians, I promise to put your wellbeing ahead of politics. “