Schaumburg, IL – Republican candidate Chris Dargis was the clear winner of tonight’s debate with Raja Krishnamoorthi, laying out exactly why the 8th District needs a change in leadership in November.

Chris discussed the hardship families are facing after 2 years of Democrat majorities in the House, Senate, and Democrat control of the White House. Reckless spending and anti-energy policies of the Biden Administration, wholly supported by Raja Krishnamoorthi, have led to 40-year highs in inflation, skyrocketing energy costs that are straining families in Illinois and across the country.

“Washington politicians have left us behind. They seem unwilling to help because they are wedded to their extreme ideologies,” Dargis said. “Our friends, our families, our neighbors are hurting because of inflation at 40 year highs. I’ve spoken with single mothers who are afraid to fill their cars more than halfway with gas because they worry about not having enough left over to buy groceries.”

While Krishnamoorthi repeated partisan Washington talking points, Chris drew on his experience as a Naval Officer and his successful business career to make clear that he is the candidate who will fight for Illinois families.