Schaumburg, IL – Republican candidate Chris Dargis is set to debate Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi TOMORROW in Palatine, where Dargis will hold Raja accountable for his record of leaving Illinoisans behind in favor of his own personal political gain.

  • 100% Support for Joe Biden’s inflation-driving agenda
  • 100% Support for Biden’s energy killing policies
  • 100% Support for Biden’s open border policies leading to a flood of deadly Fentanyl that has killed more than 100,000 Americans

Raja must be held accountable for these policy choices that continue to impact Illinois families with high prices at the pump and at the grocery store, lower real wages, and unsafe communities.

Dargis released the following statement in advance of Thursday’s debate: 
I look forward to sharing the stage with Raja to ask him face to face why he continues to support Joe Biden’s agenda that is taking a month of wages away from every American due to inflation and his energy killing policies that took gas from $2.78 per gallon less than 2 years ago to near record highs. That’s not representing the people of the 8th. That’s representing Raja and Raja’s personal political advancement.