Schaumburg, IL – Raja Krishnamoorthi loves to prove he’s just another DC politician, willing to say whatever lie fits his agenda that day.

Raja joined Fox News on Wednesday to call for an “all of the above” approach to energy, despite his 100% support for Joe Biden’s policies including the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline and the special interest giveaways in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that are killing American energy potential.

The kicker? Chris Dargis has been calling for an all of the above approach for MONTHS, and Raja attacked him for it.

Chris is a Problem Solver. Raja is a hypocrite.

Let’s check Chris’s record:
Daily Herald“So in order to solve it, the first thing we need to do is get energy production moving in this country again,” Dargis said. “We have 2% of the normal amount of gas and oil leases approved that we would normally have under prior administrations — both Democrat and Republican. The first thing this administration did when they came in, with nary a peep from my opponent, was to shut down the Keystone (XL) Pipeline, cost American jobs and really send a signal to the world that we were no longer in the business of being energy independent.”

Shaw Local News in April: The extreme policies of the Biden Administration have led to record gas prices and a 40-year high in inflation, and are causing incredible hardship for the middle class, for seniors on fixed incomes, for single mothers, for teachers, nurses, and police officers, for trade workers, and for the poor in this country. As a nuclear engineer I understand energy technologies and will bring forward common-sense, environmentally-sound, all-of-the- above energy policies that will lower gas prices and pave the way to a clean, energy independent future.

WTTW in September: Today we face significant challenges in our country and around the globe, but we also have a clear opportunity to make a change for the better. And that is why I am stepping up to serve again, to meet these challenges with a background uniquely suited to overcome them. As a retired Naval Officer, I will lead to strengthen our national security while supporting our troops and Veterans. As a nuclear engineer, I will bring forward a common-sense, environmentally-sound, all-of-the-above energy policy that will lower gas prices and pave the way to a clean, energy-independent future.