Schaumburg, IL – Chris Dargis is set to debate Raja Krishnamoorthi next Thursday, October 20th, at Harper College in Palatine.

Dargis has drawn a sharp distinction between his record as a problem solver, throughout his military and business careers, with Krishnamoorthi’s self-service in Washington DC, 100% voting record with Joe Biden, and prioritization of personal political gain over the welfare of his constituents.

This debate will highlight why the 8th District needs proven leadership like Chris Dargis, instead of more of the same Washington politicians like Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Dargis released the following statement in advance of the debate: 
I hear from voters in this district constantly as I knock doors that they are sick and tired of the double speak they hear coming out of Washington, the same double speak that Raja Krishnamoorthi regularly engages in. One week, he attacks my belief in an all-of-the-above approach to energy to reduce costs for our families and the next, Raja is saying the same thing on Fox News. Raja has shown he is no more than a DC politician, willing to say or do anything to advance his own career, regardless of how many lives of his constituents are made more difficult because of it.