Palatine, IL – Congress is in recess, allowing representatives to come back to their districts to tout their accomplishments. What will Rep. Krishnamoorthi be touting this time around? 40 Year highs in inflation with more spending on the way? All-time high gasoline costs driven by extreme energy policies that have made America more beholden to despots around the world? Lax criminal justice policies that have emboldened criminals and made our streets less safe?

8th Congressional District Candidate Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“As I’ve been traveling the district listening to the concerns of people, the same conversations are taking place; when will gas prices come down, will my groceries always cost this much? I’m looking forward to hearing his explanation for the inflation forcing families to tighten their belts, the extreme energy policy that is killing jobs and driving up costs, and the surge in crime we’re seeing, all of which he has failed to take action on. Will the representative be holding town halls anytime soon?”