Schaumburg, IL – Families in our area spend $886 per child on average on school supplies, 34% more than the national average. While Illinois Democrats point to temporary tax gimmicks that save families a fraction for 10 days only, Washington Democrats like Raja Krishnamoorthi just passed a tax hike on everyone making less than $200,000. The pattern of raising taxes and spending more is unsustainable.

8th Congressional District candidate Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“58% of parents are worried about the impact record inflation will have on the cost of school supplies this year. 51% of parents believe our economy will continue to worsen in the next 6 months. Meanwhile, Washington Democrats like my opponent are taking a victory lap on their tax and spend bill that will unleash 87,000 new IRS agents on our families, worsen inflation, and raise taxes on every family making less than $200,000. That, quite simply, is a failure of leadership, and it’s time for a change in November.”