Illinois’s 8th District Republican Candidate Chris Dargis responded to the news today that the Consumer Price Index, the nation’s best inflation indicator, has continued to increase despite continued attempts by the White House to divert blame from President Biden’s failed policies. Illinois families are still paying excessively high prices at the pump, at the grocery store, and beyond because of President Biden’s policies that sent spending and inflation out of control.

Republican Candidate Chris Dargis had this to say about this morning’s report: 
The pain felt by Illinois families at the gas pump and the grocery store falls at the feet of President Biden and his rubber stamp allies in Congress. Instead of adopting a common-sense, all of the above approach to energy, President Biden gutted domestic energy production. Instead of targeted efforts to combat lingering effects of the COVID pandemic, President Biden championed one of the largest spending bills our country has ever seen, driving inflation to a 40 year high. And instead of helping the American worker, President Biden is keeping his extreme policies in place. We need new leadership in Washington. As the next Congressman from the 8th district, I intend to fight to reverse these extreme policies and ease the burden on Illinois families.