On Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released a list of the latest additions to their Young Guns program. The Young Guns program is intended to help candidates nationwide gain the tools they need to win elections. The Young Guns program has helped elect over 150 members of Congress.

Chris Dargis, along with several other Illinois Republican candidates, has been named an On The Radar candidate, meaning that he has built a strong campaign foundation setting him up as a strong challenger in November.

Take a look at the full list of Young Gun candidates HERE.

Dargis released the following statement on being named to the NRCC’s Young Guns Program: 
Our state and our country are at a fork in the road. We can continue down the same path of partisan bickering, intense division, and failed policies driving inflation and high energy costs, or we can start electing proven problem solvers to Congress to fix this mess. I’m a problem solver, and I would like to thank the NRCC for their support. Let’s elect leaders who will get things done, not more rubber stamps for Joe Biden’s failed agenda.