Schaumburg, IL – According to a new CBS Poll, 65% of Americans see the plain fact that Biden’s economy, fully endorsed by Raja Krishnamoorthi and his 100% voting record with Biden, is worsening.

Inflation remained near 40 year highs last month, equating to a month’s worth of lost wages for every American, as the Biden Administration and their allies like Krishnamoorthi scramble to come up with excuses for the colossal failure that is their economic policy.

Expect Chris Dargis, Republican candidate for Illinois’s 8th Congressional District, to hold Krishnamoorthi accountable THIS THURSDAY in their debate at Harper College.
Dargis released the following statement: 
The Biden-Krishnamoorthi economy is a disaster for Illinois families. Instead of more spending and special interest giveaways, we need problem solvers who will go to Washington to take action instead of kowtowing to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Raja has been a rubber stamp for the radical left’s agenda, and the people of Illinois have had enough of self-serving politicians.