Palatine, IL – There are 100 days left before Election Day 2022, and it’s clear President Biden’s failures, compounded by rubber stamp allies like Raja Krishnamoorthi, will be on the ballot in November. Let’s recap some of the failures of this administration that have not been held accountable by a Congress full of allies like Rep. Krishnamoorthi who care more about advancing in Washington than getting the job done for American families

  • 40 Year highs in inflation, raising costs for every family and increasing our cost of living
  • A recession, brought on by reckless government spending that is burdening Illinois families with even more debt, and further increasing the cost of living for every American
  • All-time high gasoline costs, driven by the extreme energy policies of this administration that cost American jobs and American energy independence.
  • Cancelled energy projects to build on American energy independence and create jobs. Instead, we are now reliant on foreign despots for energy, driving rising costs and increasing the cost of living for American families.
  • A failed withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of 13 American servicemembers while leaving behind billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban and emboldening our enemies around the globe
  • Failure to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine following the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.
  • Lax criminal justice policies resulting in more violent criminals being released back onto the streets, skyrocketing crime rates across the nation, and creating more division than ever between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

8th Congressional District Candidate Chris Dargis released the following statement: 
“The list of the Biden Administration’s failures is astounding, and I am disheartened my opponent would continue to stand by this administration whose policies have made life harder on American families and reduced our standing around the globe. Washington politicians have created this mess, it’s time for outsiders and proven problem solvers to get us out of it. I look forward to spending the next 100 days holding my opponent accountable for his rubber stamping of failed Biden Administration policies.”